AirCode raised more than $2M.

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I'm excited to share this great news with everyone. We've received an angel investment from GGV Capital and Future Capital. This investment will comfortably sustain our team for at least 24 months. Considering the current global economic situation and financing conditions, we must say we are fortunate. We will spend this money wisely and thank our investors for their trust. We also deeply appreciate the support of our users, please continue to use our service with confidence.

In the beginning

AirCode is a product that Adcent (CPO & Co-Founder) and I discussed in a coffee shop. Before this venture, he and I worked together at TikTok for 5 years, primarily on developer-related platforms, so we hit it off right away. We put in some of our own money and got a few old friends to help us develop the initial prototype of AirCode. After more than six months of refinement, we finally launched in February 2023.

Discussing the initial product with Adcent in the coffee shop

So, the current AirCode started with two people + a coffee shop + a few old friends. Thinking about it, entrepreneurship is a wonderful journey, and the process of creating beautiful things is indeed incredibly enjoyable.

User growth

Since our official product launch more than six months ago, over 15,000 full-stack and Node.js engineers from more than 400 teams or companies are using it. Currently, there are over 20,000 services running online. We not only provide Node.js developers with an easy-to-use product but have also launched many deployable examples, including:

  1. ChatGPT Plugin
  2. Realtime game
  3. iOS Siri integrates chatGPT
  4. Build a Slack ChatGPT App

For more examples, please visit our official GitHub.

Once again, heartfelt thanks to all of our users for their support. We will strive to improve our product and provide you all with a better experience.

Additionally, we thank all the investors we spoke to who did not invest in us. We are grateful for your direct and honest feedback, which we will take to heart as guiding principles in our business.

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