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The best way of debugging, building and deploying actions for your GPTs. No downloads, no config, no setup. Code Node.js functions instantly from browser with built-in database and file storage. Then ship production-ready APIs with a single click.

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Open your browser,
and you're ready to go.

const ProductsTable = aircode.db.table('products')
name: 'iPhone Pro',
price: 899,
description: 'The best iPhone ever.',
amount: 10,
No setup required.
Database, file storage, and cronjobs are ready to use right away.
Coding everywhere, with cloud sync.
Write your code on any device and enjoy auto-save to the cloud. Forget about missed Git pushes or lost changes.
Out-of-the-box TypeScript.
Create a .ts file, and you're set to code with TypeScript's type checking.


Spot and resolve the real issues.

  1. Consistent environments

    We provide consistent development and production environments. This ensures that if your code works locally, it will work in online.

  2. Debugging with online data

    Debug using actual data from online requests, ideal for online issues, webhooks debugging, and OAuth connections. Learn more

  3. Cloud synchronization

    All the test data is synchronized in the cloud, so you can debug from any location without losing your debugging context.


Iterate fast, maintain less.

  1. One-click publishing

    Hassle-free deployment with a single click, no need to configure anything.

  2. Start deploying...

    Retrieving functions and dependencies...

    Total size: 3.6 MB

    Creating production service...

    Deployed in 8.3s. Version: 1

    Shipping in seconds

    Whether you're tweaking bugfixes or rolling out features, get changes live in seconds, not minutes.

  3. $
    curl -H "content-type:application/json" \
      -X POST -d '{"name": "Elon"}' \
    {"message": "Hi, Elon!","apiVersion": 1}

    Every function, now an API

    Seamlessly transform each of your functions into accessible APIs. And they're all serverless.


Maximize the efficiency of serverless function

From data processing to automation, unlock the potential of serverless and deploy in seconds with zero configuration.

  • Markmap for GPTs

    Use Markdown-inspired text definitions to create mind maps with GPTs.

  • Mermaid for GPTs

    Use Markdown-inspired text definitions to create diagrams with GPTs.

  • NASA APOD for GPTs

    Get NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day for GPTs.

  • SEO Analyzer for GPTs

    Analyze your site and give the SEO advices with GPTs.

  • Chinese character util for GPTs

    Learn Chinese characters with GPTs.

  • Astrology for GPTs

    Help you analyze your natal chart, comb through your personal growth path and opportunities.

  • AI Streaming Response

    Integrate with ChatGPT and consume the response as a stream.

  • Documate

    Add an AI chat dialog into your documentation site, leveraging your own content.

  • ChatGPT Plugin

    Build a ChatGPT plugin from scratch.

  • Shopify to Google Sheets

    Automatically sync Shopify data to Google spreadsheets at scheduled intervals.

  • Discord JavaScript Weekly Bot

    Automatically crawls and pushes JavaScript Weekly to Discord groups every week.

  • Slack Command Line App

    A Slack App that can be interacted with via slash commands.

  • Sending Email Service

    A lightweight service to send emails with Resend.

  • Blog Subscription and Email

    Let your users subscribe to your blog and send email notifications to subscribers.

  • Express App

    Build and deploy your Express App in seconds.

Get started building your APIs
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